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What is thermage?

Has your face begun to sag? Is it losing its youthful firmness as the skin on your cheeks, jowls, or neck becomes loose? You can restore a youthful firmness to your face and have tighter skin once again – without surgery. Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Anna Petropoulos is a leader and innovator in facial rejuvenation techniques in the Boston area. She uses Thermage to tighten the skin without surgery and restore a sense of vitality and well-being to her patients’ lives.

Allow Dr. Petropoulos to be your partner and guide, making your appearance her priority. She has a wealth of innovative non-surgical options at her fingertips and turns to facial plastic surgery only when necessary. At your consultation, Dr. Petropoulos will help you determine which treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical, will be the best path to your desired look.

If you are ready to discover what Thermage skin treatments can do for you, while simultaneously exploring other non-surgical alternatives, request a consultation online with Dr. Petropoulos or call her at 978-739-9500. She has been helping women and men from Gloucester, Peabody, Beverly and other North Shore communities, and throughout New England, restore and maintain their beauty for over a decade.

How does thermage work?

Collagen is the skin’s fountain of youth. It helps skin look fresh and full of life by filling it out with plump resilience. As we age and are exposed to the elements, collagen production slows down and existing collagen becomes saggy, elongated, and depleted. This collagen loss causes your skin to look loose, as fine lines and wrinkles also start to appear.

Thermage treatments use radiofrequency energy to safely tighten collagen deep within the skin. The radiofrequency energy also increases production of new collagen so that the improvements continue to increase gradually over time.

can thermage be combined with any other treatments?

It is possible to improve upon perfection! While Dr. Petropoulos provides exquisite facial renewal for her Boston-area patients using Thermage, combining it with Fraxel®, a fractionated laser skin treatment, superlative, yet natural results are achieved. This exciting non-surgical combination breakthrough in facial rejuvenation is called ThermaFrax; and Dr. Petropoulos was one of the first physicians in the country to offer it. She begins the facial renewal process with Fraxel to retexturize the skin; this corrects fine lines, large pores, and brown spots so that the skin looks and feels young again. After about a month, she uses Thermage to tighten and contour the skin. With ThermaFrax, the superficial skin texture is improved and the skin is tightened on a deeper level as well.

procedure details

Thermage treatments usually take about an hour, depending on the size of the areas you are having treated. (Thermage body treatments are also available to lose inches and address cellulite, and these treatments may take longer.) With each touch of the Thermage treatment tip, you will feel a brief, heating sensation, and to optimize your comfort, a cooling spray is automatically delivered before, during, and after each application of the treatment tip.

What can i expect during recovery?

There is no downtime and patients can resume their daily activities immediately after their treatment and go back to work the next day. You will see and feel some tightening right away and your skin will continue to tighten over the next 6 months, lifting your cheeks and restoring a crisp jaw line for you once again.

will i need multiple treatments?

Most patients require only a single Thermage treatment to attain desired improvements. There are some patients who would be better served with a facelift but who want to avoid surgery – those patients are likely to need 2 Thermage treatments to restore their youthful appearance.

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