Posts From January, 2017

How to Get What You Want Every Time

The whole notion that “If you weren’t born with it, you won’t get it” simply isn’t true. Not only can things like wealth and recognition be earned, but you can even change your physical appearance to look like you’ve always wanted— even if you weren’t born looking that way. If you have been considering getting […]

Skin Care Treatments Danvers, MA

Skin Treatments For That Special Event

Do you have a holiday or special event just around the corner, where you want to look your absolute best? Even if you have little time in your schedule or if the holiday is only days away, you can correct common signs of aging, dull complexion and other concerns. Dr. Petropoulos recommends procedures that give […]

A New Year, A Slimmer You

The holidays were a time to indulge in things you normally wouldn’t (Can you say too many cupcakes and beer?) and the New Year is a time to set goals that will transform you into a better person. If you are looking to set goals in 2017 that will make you healthier and happier, consider […]