Botox for Valentine’s Day

Botox, Boston, MAValentine’s Day can be a hard time for men who are trying to find the perfect gift for the special lady in their life. Flowers are beautiful but wilt after a week. Chocolate is tasty, but finding the right kind she likes (and not the weird surprise box of who-knows-what) is way too hard. Forget teddy bears and leave them to the high schoolers. Adult women want something a little more special. So whether you opt for jewelry or a trip to somewhere warm, consider one thing you may have overlooked. Women these days may be more interested in Botox or dermal fillers than you may have expected.

In the past, we’ve heard of men giving more practical gifts that their loved one wanted, like laser hair removal or teeth whitening. And while those gifts are nice, we’re finding many more women looking at Botox and fillers as perfect gift ideas. But why would she want Botox or fillers for Valentine’s Day? Well, first off, treatments that require regular appointments can start to add up. By helping out, you’re giving her something you know she wants (and a gift she’ll use!). With social media helping all of us feel a little inadequate, Botox or fillers could be a gift that she will appreciate every day as she opens her phone to FaceTime or takes a selfie.

Consider a couples gift, too! If you know your significant other loves her fillers, why not consider getting yourself a little gift, too? Crow’s feet and other wrinkles can be erased with Botox, and without signs that you’ve had anything done at all.

Before you gift, understand that a surprise gift of Botox or fillers may cause your significant other to worry that you’re not pleased with how she looks. It’s important not to guess at a gift that involves aesthetics (though a facial is more relaxing, and is always appreciated). If your love asks for Botox or fillers, then go ahead! Otherwise, we recommend buying a gift card and letting her choose the treatment that will best suit her needs.

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