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The Effects Of Gravity On Your Skin

Gravity may seem like an odd subject for anti-aging treatments, but this invisible force does play a role in the development of lines and wrinkles. Gravity is what keeps us from floating out into space by keeping us connected to the ground. Young skin can negate the strong pull of gravity thanks to elastin and […]

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Anti-Aging From The Inside

There are many options for anti-aging that treat conditions externally, such as facelifts, laser resurfacing and injectable fillers. These procedures address lines, wrinkles, age spots, dull complexion and other problems that arise as we get older. The most comprehensive aesthetic plans should also include approaches that fight the signs of aging from the inside. Dr. Petropoulos […]

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Cosmetic Surgery Solutions for Skin Rejuvenation

You are never too young to start caring for your skin and your appearance. With an objective of maintaining beautiful radiant skin, nourishing and protecting your skin every day from a very young age will help to ward off the deterioration in the smoothness, firmness, tone and pigmentation of your skin. This not only means […]