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Spider Vein Treatment Boston, MA

What To Expect After Varicose And Spider Vein Treatments

Dr. Petropoulos recommends sclerotherapy and laser treatments for varicose and spider veins. These procedures reduce healing times so that you can return to your normal activities much sooner compared to other techniques. Knowing what to expect after the treatment helps you prepare and understand the healing process. How Will I Feel After Sclerotherapy and Laser Vein […]

3 Myths About Varicose Veins Debunked

Varicose veins are large, ropey, purple-colored veins that are primarily prominent on your legs, arms, and feet. By causing you to feel self-conscious about wearing things like shorts, sandals, or short sleeved shirts, varicose veins can make you want to practically hide under your bed. If you think you have varicose veins and have hit […]