Key Differences Between A Brow Lift And Eyelid Surgery

 Brow Lift And Eyelid Surgery Danvers, MAThe area above your eyes develops some of the earliest signs of aging. Botox® can help with dynamic wrinkles, such as horizontal lines on the forehead, crow’s feet and vertical lines between the eyes, but not all wrinkles are caused by muscle contractions. A brow lift and eyelid surgery address problems that develop with aging in the upper portion of your face, but there are some key differences between these two procedures.

Why Your Upper Face Looks Older

Knowing if a brow lift or eyelid surgery is your best option begins with understanding how aging affects the area.

  • Changes to fat position and volume. As you age, you lose fat in your face. The remaining fat may succumb to gravity and shift lower on your face. In the upper part of your fat, this causes the forehead and brow area to move downward.
  • Poor skin elasticity. Elastin is a substance in your skin that helps it keep the shape. As you get older, your body produces less elastin. The skin sags, and this may cause wrinkles and creases in the brow area.
  • Excess fat. While some areas of the upper face lose fat, you also develop pockets of fat in your eyelids. When combined with lax skin, the fat forms little puffy pockets. Although the condition is most common in the upper eyelids, you can also have excess fat in the lower eyelids.

Brow Position: The Telltale Sign

If you are considering plastic surgery in the upper section of your face, one of the first features that are evaluated by Dr. Petropoulos is your brow position. Having eyebrows that are still in a good position indicate that you may benefit from eyelid surgery. If your brows are lower than the optimum position, you may need eyelid surgery.

The Procedures

A brow lift helps with more extensive signs of aging, and the procedure may give your eyes a refreshed appearance. Eyelid surgery is more limited and targets only excess fat and skin on the upper and lower eyelids. In some cases, Dr. Petropoulos recommends a combination of the two surgeries.

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