Aging Through the Years

Anti-Aging Solutions  Danvers MAWe’re hyper vigilant when it comes to signs of aging, but age can look different on everyone. Have you noticed that some women in their fifties still look like they’re in their late thirties, and you’re surprised when other women are as young as they are? Understanding how we age through the years can help you keep track of what to expect, and how to prevent it.


In your mid-20s, you may start to notice that your skin feels or looks dry. This is when we first start to notice small wrinkles forming around our mouths and eyes around this time, too.

Our body’s natural antioxidant production starts to slow down. Using moisturizers and applying sunscreen regularly will help, but may not be enough to full banish signs of aging.


Your metabolism starts to slow down in your thirties. This causes the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin tissue to break down. Left to its own devices, your skin may become more tired and more sensitive.

You may start to see deeper wrinkles around your mouth and eyes, or even age spots on your hands while in your thirties. Again, it depends on genetics and how well you’ve taken care of your skin up until now. If you were out in the sun a lot in your younger years, this is when it will show up.


In your forties, your skin turnover slows down another notch. Wrinkles will become more defined if you aren’t taking great care of your skin. Elastin levels will decrease, too, so your skin may even start to sag or droop.


In women going through menopause, skin may seem even drier due to a decrease in estrogen levels. More sunspots will start to appear and the skin will feel rougher. Your wrinkles and fine lines will likely be more prominent, and you may have more sagging or drooping.

Thankfully, we can help you look younger with treatments tailored to your aging concerns. No matter where you are in the aging process, we can help. Call us today at (978) 739-9500 to schedule a consultation.

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