Say Goodbye To Thinning Hair

SmartGraft Hair Transplantation Boston, MAApproximately 50 million people in the United States are affected by hair loss. Men account for about two-thirds of those with thinning hair and balding, yet women are disproportionately affected by hair loss later in life compared to men. Women are also under-represented in procedures for treating hair loss, accounting for only 14.3% of surgical hair restoration patients. Dr. Petropoulos recognizes the need for more effective hair restoration treatments for men and women, and she has chosen SmartGraft® for her patients.

What is SmartGraft®?

Early techniques for hair restoration required the surgeon to remove a strip from the bottom of the scalp at the back of the head. This results in significant surgical scars and tissue trauma that required lengthy recoveries. The procedure also changed the natural hairline, making it obvious that an individual has strip-type hair restoration. SmartGraft® hair restoration is based upon follicular unit extraction, or FUE. The advantage of FUE is that small grafts are harvested rather than a larger strip.

What are the Benefits of SmartGraft® Hair Restoration?

  • Go home the same day as the procedure
  • Minimally-invasive
  • Requires no downtime
  • Restores a natural hairline and growth pattern
  • Results in approximately nine months to one year

How Hair Restoration with SmartGraft® Work?

FUE can be accomplished by hand. A skilled surgeon can remove hair grafts using a scalpel, but this approach has many disadvantages. The SmartGraft® system automates the processes of harvesting hair grafts and placing them in the treatment area. The procedure is minimally invasive and proven to reduce the occurrence of failed hair grafts. SmartGraft® technology is so advanced that the grafts are placed to mimic the natural hair growth pattern.

Does SmartGraft® Help Women with Hair Loss?

Yes! SmartGraft® can be used for men and women with certain types of hair loss. Dr. Petropoulos determines if you are a good candidate during the consultation.

Learn More About SmartGraft® Hair Restoration. Contact Dr. Anna Petropoulos.

If you are living with thinning and balding hair, you have a new option for treatment. To learn more about SmartGraft®, photofacials, anti-aging solutions and our other services, contact Dr. Anna Petropoulos to schedule a personal consultation. You can also contact our Danvers office directly at (978) 739-9500.

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