How does laser hair reduction and removal work?

If you were told you could permanently remove unwanted facial or body hair, would you be intrigued? What is you were told that with regular treatments, you’d never have to pick up a razor or wax ever again? Are you interested? Dr. Anna Petropoulos and her professionals at the Center for Classic Beauty are here to help patients understand the solutions available to them when it comes to imperfections on the body. While plastic surgery is just one way to achieve results, other cosmetic treatments such as laser hair reduction and removal are readily available for patients to consider as well.

What is laser hair reduction and removal?

In many fields of medicine, laser light has become a popular option for precision treatments. Whether you are treating a vision issue with laser surgery or enhancing the skin’s texture and tone, lasers play a vital role in many treatments today. Additionally, laser light is used effectively at reducing the amount of hair in a particular area or eliminating it altogether.

How does laser hair reduction and removal work?

When patients have unwanted hair on the face and body, they can consult with Dr. Anna Petropoulos and her team at the Center for Classic Beauty to determine if they are a good fit for this treatment. Laser hair reduction and removal uses lasers to damage the hair follicles in the treatment area and keep them from producing hair in the future. In one or two sessions, patients can reduce the thickness of the hair in the area, while more routine sessions can assist in achieving full removal of hair. The procedure is done right in our office, and each session is scheduled several weeks apart. With time, patients can enjoy hair-free skin, or even just reduce the thickness of an area, such as the chest or arms.

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