Get Bikini Ready and Cellulite-Free With BodyFX

BodyFX™ boston ma | Center for Classic BeautyWith summer just around the corner, you may be feeling a bit anxious just thinking about having to get in a swimsuit in front of a bunch of people. And although you can spend the summer months hiding inside or under a large, oversized cloak, there is another alternative to help you get rid of your cellulite: BodyFX. So, what is BodyFX and how does it compare to alternative treatments like liposuction? Read on to learn more.

It’s Non-Invasive

Although liposuction will give you great results, it is a relatively invasive procedure that requires a significant amount of recovery time. Luckily, BodyFX is a non-invasive procedure which means that you can come into Dr. Anna Petropoulos’ office and get a treatment done without having to worry about any recovery time.

It Uses Radiofrequency

Does BodyFX sound too good to be true? How can you possibly get rid of cellulite and stubborn fat without having to go under the knife? With radiofrequency, BodyFX works by heating up the fat cells. Once the fat is heated up, it allows for retraction, contouring, and contraction— all of which will help you get rid of fat and cellulite at the same time. After the fat is heated up, a vacuum-like massage is used on your skin.

Results Are Visible

Another great benefit of BodyFX is that results are immediate. Although 6-12 treatments are recommended for patients to start seeing optimum results, you will be able to notice a visibly slimmer body just after one— leaving you with the confidence you need to fit into that bikini.

Getting into a swimsuit can make you feel more self-conscious than ever. If you have had a hard time getting rid of unwanted fat even after following a strict diet and exercise routine, you know just how frustrating it can be. Luckily, with BodyFX treatments, you can get rid of unwanted fat and cellulite in virtually no time. To learn more about this and other treatments, contact Dr. Anna Petropoulos’ office today!




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