Sport that Strapless Dress With Confidence: 3 Reasons to Pick ThermiRF

ThermiRF™ Danvers, MAWhether you have a big summer wedding to attend or you just want to be able to wear a strapless dress with confidence, nothing can put a damper on these events quite like looking in the mirror to see some back fat draping over the top. As an unfortunate part of aging, your body both loses and stores fat in unique areas of the body. Luckily, with technological procedures like ThermiRF, Dr. Anna Petropoulos can get rid of your back fat once and for all, so that you can sport that strapless dress in confidence. Read on to learn more about this procedure.

It’s a Fast Procedure

Even though you can have a surgical back lift done, which will permanently remove your excess fat and skin from your back, it’s a somewhat invasive procedure. If you want to get similar results but without all of the downtime, then you should consider getting a ThermiRF done by Dr. Anna Petropoulos. As a non-invasive, procedure, ThermiRF uses radiofrequency to warm up the fat cells and tissues around your bra line. Once they are heated to the ideal temperature, the fat will then melt off.

There Aren’t Any Stitches

With a traditional backlift, a long incision is made across the bra line and is then stitched up with sutures. Although a bra can hide the scar, it is still noticeable. Because no incisions are required with ThermiRF, you won’t have to worry about disguising your bra line scar after surgery.

You Will Get Real Results

Imagine slipping into that strapless dress with confidence and ease, knowing that your back fat is gone for good. One of the greatest benefits of ThermiRF is that 94% of patients give it a satisfaction rate and state that it is beyond worth it. Although it takes a couple of months for patients to see their results, they will leave you breathless.

If you would like to learn more about how we can get rid of your back fat using ThermiRF, contact Dr. Anna Petropoulos’ office today to schedule an appointment.



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