Liposuction: Is It For Everyone?

Liposuction Boston, MABody contouring is a safe and effective way to reduce areas of extra fat, and liposuction is amongst the most popular option for men and women who are frustrated by their workout routines. Today’s liposuction offers patients less downtime and superior results that are more refined than when the technique was first introduced. But liposuction is not for everyone. Here are some cosmetic issues that may not be best resolved with liposuction.

Excess Weight

Carrying a few extra pounds is a problem that affects men and women emotionally and physically. Liposuction may seem to be a great fix for the problem, but your best option is to work with your physician before considering plastic surgery. Your physician can tell you the ideal weight you should reach, make referrals to specialists and recommend lifestyle changes. By committing to your health, you can reach your ideal weight and learn how to keep the pounds off for a lifetime. Once you reach your ideal weight and maintain it for at least 12 months, Dr. Petropoulos can help eliminate the remaining pockets of fat with liposuction or a non-surgical option.


Taking care of your body makes you look and feel great, but having cellulite can detract from the confidence that you feel. The orange peel appearance of cellulite is caused by a combination of weak or rigid connective tissue and fat. Liposuction cannot help with the problem because the procedure does not target the connective tissue. Our BodyFX™ treatment is a better option for treating cellulite.

Downtime Considerations

Liposuction is not as extensive as surgeries that remove excess skin and fat, yet it is a surgical procedure. You will have some downtime. If you want to reduce fat without downtime, Dr. Petropoulos may recommend BodyFX™ or Vanquish™ combined with skin tightening. Both of these options require no downtime and promote the gradual metabolism and elimination of excess fat cells.

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