The Ultimate Experience: The Environ Ionzyme Medical Facial

Medical Facials Danvers, MA You might say we’re all a little skincare-obsessed here at The Center for Classic Beauty. For us, there’s serious satisfaction in seeing the results after an amazing chemical peel or a perfectly-tailored facial for a client. We’re here to make you look and feel good, which is why we are so proud to offer the Environ Ionzyme Medical Facial.

Those in the know, know that the Ionzyme Facial is hard to find here in the states. Keep reading to understand why this facial is so special.

Acne and Hyperpigmentation

These little pests often come hand-in-hand. First comes acne, those unsightly red bumps that always seem appear right before an important event, and then comes hyperpigmentation, the dark spots that linger long after your acne has vanished. Thankfully, our Environ Ionzyme Facial helps even out pigmentation and treat those stubborn acne spots.

Premature Aging

There are so many pollutants around us, that we sometimes need to pull out the big guns. Everyday cleansing is important, but won’t help some of the larger issues that impact the overall look of your skin. If you’re looking to increase collagen production and scrub away some of the lighter wrinkles in your complexion, then look no further.

Those Little Details

Interested in seeing smaller pores? First, ditch those pore strips we used to put on our noses before we knew better. Then, invest in an Ionzyme Facial. We couldn’t believe it either. This facial really targets all of our most troublesome skin issues.

How Does it Work?

Not only do we use the best quality ingredients in the best formulations, the Ionzyme machine employs iontophoresis (electrical currents) and sonophoresis (sound waves) that help ingredients penetrate into the skin for truly amazing results.

Enhance Other Treatments

Really looking to see a change in your complexion? The Ionzyme Facial is wonderful on its own, but it also helps improve the results of other treatments you might be interested in, like microdermabrasion, Fraxel, or Thermage.

Have we piqued your interest in the luxurious experience that is the Ionzyme Facial? Contact us online or call at (978) 739-9500 to schedule an appointment for this indulgent experience.

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