How to Get What You Want Every Time

facial plastic surgeon boston ma | Anna Petropoulos M.D.The whole notion that “If you weren’t born with it, you won’t get it” simply isn’t true. Not only can things like wealth and recognition be earned, but you can even change your physical appearance to look like you’ve always wanted— even if you weren’t born looking that way. If you have been considering getting some cosmetic work done, but just aren’t sure if you will get the results that you want, use the tips listed below.

  1. Communicate

Although Dr. Anna Petropoulos can work magic, she simply can’t read minds. Make sure that you communicate with her regarding exactly what you want, every time. If she doesn’t know what you are going for, she won’t be able to deliver you with the best results. During your initial consultation, lay out what your problem areas are and what outcome you are going for. If you are unsure, Dr. Petropoulos can create a plan that will make you feel beautiful once again.

  1. Start Small

If you have never had work done before, we encourage our patients to start small and then build from there. For instance, rather than getting a facelift, neck lift, and Botox all at once, we encourage our patients to try Botox first and see if they like their results. Remember that it’s easier to do more procedures later on than reverse ones you have already had done.

  1. Pull Images

If you aren’t sure what kinds of results you are going for, we encourage our patients to pick images to show Dr. Anna Petropoulos. Although you won’t be able to look like a celebrity doppelganger, you can get the nose, lips, or face shape that you have always wanted.

By working together with Dr. Anna Petropoulos, you can ensure that you get the exact results from your cosmetic procedure that you have always wanted. Through communicating, starting small, and pulling images to reference, Dr. Anne Petropoulos can give you the best results possible. To learn more or to schedule your consultation, contact our office today.







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