Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery: Surgical vs. Non-surgical

Facial Plastic Surgery Danvers, MAWhen it comes to trends, we’re on the side of doing what suits you best. Why brush on those big Instagram-worthy brows if you really love your sleek, groomed eyebrows? Trends can come and go but, as we learned from the 80’s, some things (like huge hair) seem to stay best in the past.

That being said, trends can sometimes refer to new technologies and looks that can turn on the staying power. That’s what we’re focusing on today: the biggest new trends in the plastic surgery world that highlight new technologies and looks that help you feel more like you.

Keep reading for the highlights of what is going on in plastic surgery right now.

Boost of Beauty

The use of fillers is growing exponentially, and we’re not surprised. Dermal fillers are getting better and better, while physicians are getting more refined in their technique. New fillers with different weights and consistencies encourage the best results, without all the downtime that comes with more invasive surgeries. Looking for big, juicy lips? There’s a soft filler for that. Trying to highlight those cheeks? There’s a more firm filler for that, too.

Fillers allow patients to try out a new look without costly and invasive surgeries. If you’re not sure you’d like bigger lips, then fillers are a great way to test drive a new look without the commitment. Even better, if you’re not so sure about those fillers, there are other injectables to help them disappear faster.

Prevention First

We’ve long been aware of the wrinkle-preventing powers of Botox, but it turns out that everyone is hopping on this train. Younger people are opting for treatments to counteract signs of aging, before those crow’s feet even start to perch on the sides of their eyes. Laser treatments to keep collagen production strong are in demand. The growing demand of Botox treatments to prevent wrinkles (which is one of our favorite ways to use Botox) is keeping physicians busier than ever, as well.

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