All I Want for My Birthday is a Nose Job

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) Danvers, MAIf you’ve ever said or thought this, then maybe this post is just for you. So many people think or dream about rhinoplasty, and even do research and call us for consultations. What, ultimately, makes you take the plunge and get that procedure you’re looking for, rhinoplasty or otherwise?

We’re here to help provide more information about rhinoplasty (also called a nose job), so you can understand a little more and make more informed decisions when it comes to that beautiful face of yours. Keep reading for some of our patients’ most frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty.

What can be resolved with rhinoplasty?

You may have heard that rhinoplasty can resolve a deviated septum or other breathing problems. That is true, but many people also opt to get rhinoplasty for purely cosmetic reasons. No matter the reason you want rhinoplasty, we think it’s a good one as long as you’re doing it for yourself!

Rhinoplasty can smooth bumps in the bridge of your nose, straighten an asymmetric nose, and make a large nose smaller. It can also narrow noses, adjust the angle of the tip of your nose, and change the size of your nostrils. If you’re not in love with your nose, we can help resolve that concern.

How long does it take to recover?

About a week after your procedure, your provider can help you remove your cast and packing. Being able to breathe out of your nose will make a big difference, and you’ll likely feel much better! It may take up to two weeks for swelling and bruising to subside enough for you to go back to work.

Is it covered by insurance?

Rhinoplasty may be covered by insurance if you can prove medical necessity, such as in instances of a deviated septum. Otherwise, rhinoplasty is categorized as a cosmetic procedure and will not likely be covered by your insurance.

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