How to Know When It’s Time to Switch Up Your Skin Care

DefenAge™ Danvers, MA If you’re like most people, you are a creature of habit. Although you may like to try new things on occasion, you also like your routine. If you have been using the same skincare products for the last 20 years or more, then it may be time to switch it up. Although a traditional moisturizer and face wash can help keep you skin clean and healthy, it may not give you the anti-aging properties that other skin care products can. Here at the Center for Classic Beauty, we have a variety of skin care treatments that we encourage our patients to use— including the DefenAge system. So, how can you tell if it’s time to switch up your routine? Read on to learn more.

You’re Noticing Signs of Aging

As soon as most people hit their thirties and forties, they notice a slight decline in their skin’s texture and overall appearance— including the start of fine lines and wrinkles. If you have seen an increase in these signs, then it may be worth considering switching up your skincare.

Your Skin Is Drier than It Used to Be

As you age, your skin starts to lose the water in it— leaving your skin feeling a lot more dehydrated than you may remember. Additionally, hormone changes like menopause can make your skin feel rough, dehydrated, and just uncomfortable overall.

Why DefenAge?

If you have noticed the symptoms listed above, it may be time to consider switching to a new skin care system like DefenAge. DefenAge is the first and only skincare line that uses Defensins, which are a naturally occurring peptides that helps regenerate new skin cells— leaving you with younger looking and feeling skin. With a combination of a 24/7 Barrier Repair Cream, an 8-in-1 Bio Serum, and a 2-minute Reveal Mask, clinical studies have shown significant improvement of the skin by reducing 16 typical signs of aging.

By switching up your skincare, you can get smoother, healthier, more youthful looking skin. If you would like to learn more about DefenAge or some of the other skin care systems that we offer here at our office, schedule an appointment with Dr. Anna Petropoulos today at 978 739-9500!

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