Make 2018 A Year For Healthy, Radiant Skin

Skin Care Danvers, MAHealthy, radiant skin is at the top of many people’s wish list, but achieving that goal with products found in department stores is more difficult than one would imagine. At-home skin care is an important part of keeping your skin looking its best, but the secret to achieving this goal is using professional skin care that founded upon the science of skin health.

The Beginning of Healthy Skin

Consumer-level products reach only the outer-most layers of skin, yet skin health begins in the deeper layers. Therefore, when you use these products, you may see little to no improvement in your skin, and the results are short-term. Professional skin care products are designed to work at the cellular level of your skin to naturally enhance skin health and appearance.

The Science Behind Professional Skin Care

Dr. Petropoulos recommends DefenAge™ and SkinMedica® products to men and women for their at-home skin care regimens. DefenAge™ contains peptides that interact with stem cells to trigger the body’s ability to heal damaged skin. The peptides also strengthen the protective barrier of the skin. SkinMedica® is formulated with growth factors, collagen, antioxidants, peptides, retinol, vitamins and other ingredients that are important for naturally healthy skin.

Perfect for Every Lifestyle

Using professional skin care consistently is paramount to seeing the best results. The regimen needs to fit into your schedule. Dr. Petropoulos recommends the professional skin care products that are best for your skin and lifestyle. Because the products work together, you may even find that the new regimen requires less time than your current regimen.

In-Office Skin Treatments

Your skin benefits from a combination of high-quality skin care coupled with professional in-office treatments. Microdermabrasion and chemical peels exfoliate the skin, and our Ionzyme® medical facials give your skin a boost of nutrients.

Start the New Year with Healthier Skin. Contact Anna Petropoulos.

To learn more about professional skin care, non-surgical anti-aging solutions, energy-based treatments and our other services, contact Dr. Anna Petropoulos. You can also contact our Danvers office directly at (978) 739-9500.

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