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Microneedle Treatments vs. Dermarollers

Skin Care Boston MAThe internet is bringing knowledge to the people, and skincare is no exception. There is a wealth of knowledge if you’re looking for it, though we do sometimes wonder how knowledgeable some bloggers and “skin care experts” really are. If they’re paid to sponsor a product, then we’re taking everything they say with a grain of salt. It’s a lot easier to love a free product, after all.

That’s why we look at results and tried-and-true treatments. We want to see more youthful, glowing skin and we know you do, too! Keep reading to learn about microneedling treatments and the growing trend of at-home microneedling.

How do they work?

Both professional and at-home microneedle treatments utilize the power of small needles that penetrate and puncture the skin. This creates tiny “wounds” that stimulate the skin’s healing process. The small holes also allow for deeper penetration of your favorite products, so your skin can really look different quickly!

Professional microneedle treatments can be customized and combined with other treatments such as electrical currents or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to boost your desired results. PRP especially can improve the healing process of your skin, giving you better results than if you had microneedling treatments alone.

What is the difference?

Professional microneedle tools generally have longer needles than the tools you can buy online. That means we can get deeper into the skin, giving you better results. We can combine microneedle treatments with other treatments to boost your results, too. Combining microneedle treatments with PRP is a very popular way to go, as the results are outstanding.

At-home Dermarollers look like tiny paint-rollers covered in needles. They are better for smaller-scale skin concerns, and for increasing the absorption of your favorite products.


Safety is important when you’re talking about skin, but especially crucial when you’re incorporating needles into your treatment. Professional microneedle treatments are performed by trained professionals who know what to look for when working with skin. Tools are kept clean and in medical-grade working condition.

Dermarollers, or at-home microneedle tools, depend on you understanding the skin and how to keep it safe. You will need to sterilize or replace your microneedle tools regularly, and inspect them for damage. A bent needle can tear the skin and cause scarring, infection, or worse.

If you’re interested in learning more about microneedle treatments, contact us today at (978) 739-9500 to schedule a consultation.

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