3 Unique Benefits of Weight Loss

Weight Loss Program Danvers, MALooking like Heidi Klum is everyone’s dream come true, but let’s be honest, who looks that good? If you have struggled with weight loss or can’t seem to find the motivation to do so, you are not alone. In fact, studies indicate that at least two-thirds of our population are either overweight or obese. This means that Americans have a lot more dieting to do than they may be aware of.

One thing to know about traditional dieting, however, is that it’s hard— really hard. That’s why Dr. Anna Petropoulos created a weight control lifestyle program as part of her Wellness Program. This 12-week program differs from other programs because it is not only catered toward every patient’s needs. It uses supplements that preserve muscle and burns fat— something other supplements aren’t able to achieve. One thing that this aspect of the Wellness Program teaches patients is that weight loss is more than just fitting into a smaller pair of jeans; it’s about your health.

Helps You Sleep Better

Did you know that the leading cause of patients who suffer from sleep apnea is excess weight? If you think about it, all of the excess weight around your airways and lungs can obstruct your ability to breathe properly when you’re laying down which can lead to sleep apnea. By getting rid of this extra weight, many patients get rid of their sleep apnea entirely!

Decreases Your Chances of Heart Failure

According to The American Heart Association, being overweight places more pressure on your heart to work harder and faster which can ultimately lead to heart failure. Additionally, when your heart has to work this fast, it can also lead to sleep apnea.

It’s Better for Your Brain

A stroke is essentially a heart attack of the brain or a “brain attack”. This happens when the blood doesn’t flow to certain parts of the brain. Patients who have high blood pressure and high cholesterol caused by a variety of things, including obesity, are more susceptible to getting a stroke.

Losing weight is more about your health than it is about how you look. Schedule your weight loss consultation with our Danvers office or call 978-739-9500 to learn more.

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