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vFit PLUS is the world’s first noninvasive, hormone-free solution that incorporates a patent-pending combination of red light (LED), gentle heat and sonic technology to help you improve your vaginal wellness, all from the privacy of your home. vFit PLUS is a powerful tool that can help patients achieve optimal vaginal health and improved sexual function. This is also an affordable option for those patients not ready for laser/RF treatments or surgery that can help maintain benefits between professional treatments and complements other vaginal solutions offered.

“I can now enjoy sexual intercourse – it has been ten years!”
– Elizabeth

Does VFit PLUS Work?

In a third-party study, women who used vFit PLUS reported the following results after 60 days:
● 95% reported improved vaginal wellness,
● 89% experienced more pleasure from intercourse,
● 89% felt improved vaginal sensation, and
● 100% reported feeling more emotionally connected to their partner.


Our Ob-Gyn formulated serum is pH-balanced with natural ingredients to soothe and moisturize without throwing the vulva’s delicate pH off-balance. revitalizHER offers gentle hydration without stickiness or irritation, so you can protect against uncomfortable dryness without putting intimate skin at risk.

The stars of revitalizHER which are garnering rave reviews:


Infused with fatty-acids, coconut oil is as much a cleanser as it is a moisturizer. This rich oil settles on the skin, forming a shield against dehydration to last you all day.


High in vitamin A and concentrated sugars, this natural wax creates a barrier to protect damaged or rough skin, keeping it hydrated.


Containing vitamins and omegas, seabuckthorn oil nourishes from the inside out to improve dryness.


Jojoba oil closely mimics the chemical composition of our skin’s own natural oil, allowing it to be absorbed quickly and easily for maximum moisturization.