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The Benefits of Routine Botox Injections

According to a 2012 study published by Face Aesthetics Report, there is an 8-year difference between how the average woman feels compared to how she looks. In fact, the same study shows that women who get Botox feel 5-7 years younger after treatments. And not only can Botox help you feel physically younger, but it […]

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Fall Into Fall With this Skin Care Routine

With fall just around the corner, people are switching out their sandals for boots and their shorts for the latest denim trends. Although it’s important to make sure your wardrobe is equipped for the cooler temperatures, it’s also important to ensure that you are switching up your skincare routine as well. To make sure that […]

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Kybella: Is It For Me?

What do you do if you aren’t bothered by your skin, but that little extra fat under your chin? Those stubborn pockets of fat are even more bothersome if you eat right and exercise regularly. Now, there’s a better, easier, less-invasive option than liposuction for that little double-chin. Keep reading to learn about Kybella. What […]

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Finding The Best Botox Provider

While driving around or shopping online, you might stumble upon a sign or ad for Botox treatments. Oh, they’re doing a special! Don’t fall for this trap, though. Just because a provider is offering a special deal on Botox, it doesn’t mean that you’ll love the results. That’s because Botox is so much more than […]

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All I Want for My Birthday is a Nose Job

If you’ve ever said or thought this, then maybe this post is just for you. So many people think or dream about rhinoplasty, and even do research and call us for consultations. What, ultimately, makes you take the plunge and get that procedure you’re looking for, rhinoplasty or otherwise? We’re here to help provide more […]

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Which Sunscreens are Safer?

Whether it’s the middle of summer or dead of winter, you still should be wearing sunscreen to prevent sunburn, skin cancer, and signs of premature aging. Or so that’s what some people say. Others say that some sunscreens actually cause allergies and more serious issues, like cancer. How do you know who to believe? We […]

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Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery: Surgical vs. Non-surgical

When it comes to trends, we’re on the side of doing what suits you best. Why brush on those big Instagram-worthy brows if you really love your sleek, groomed eyebrows? Trends can come and go but, as we learned from the 80’s, some things (like huge hair) seem to stay best in the past. That […]

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The Ultimate Experience: The Environ Ionzyme Medical Facial

You might say we’re all a little skincare-obsessed here at The Center for Classic Beauty. For us, there’s serious satisfaction in seeing the results after an amazing chemical peel or a perfectly-tailored facial for a client. We’re here to make you look and feel good, which is why we are so proud to offer the […]

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Are You Struggling with Acne or Post-Acne Hyperpigmentation?

Have you found yourself less than satisfied when looking in the mirror lately? The cold, dry days are behind us, but sometimes the summer can bring out the worst in our skin, too. We may be indulging in too many rich foods, spending too much time in the sun, or just not taking care of […]

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Don’t Be A Snore

Just about everyone will snore at one point in their lives. Although the symphony of sounds that emerge from you or your loved one may disrupt a few peaceful nights, snoring is not always an issue that requires treatment. In some cases, though, snoring is a sign that someone is having problems breathing at night and […]