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Skin Care Boston , MA

Which Sunscreens are Safer?

Whether it’s the middle of summer or dead of winter, you still should be wearing sunscreen to prevent sunburn, skin cancer, and signs of premature aging. Or so that’s what some people say. Others say that some sunscreens actually cause allergies and more serious issues, like cancer. How do you know who to believe? We […]

Facial Plastic Surgery Danvers, MA

Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery: Surgical vs. Non-surgical

When it comes to trends, we’re on the side of doing what suits you best. Why brush on those big Instagram-worthy brows if you really love your sleek, groomed eyebrows? Trends can come and go but, as we learned from the 80’s, some things (like huge hair) seem to stay best in the past. That […]

Medical Facials Danvers, MA

The Ultimate Experience: The Environ Ionzyme Medical Facial

You might say we’re all a little skincare-obsessed here at The Center for Classic Beauty. For us, there’s serious satisfaction in seeing the results after an amazing chemical peel or a perfectly-tailored facial for a client. We’re here to make you look and feel good, which is why we are so proud to offer the […]

Skin Care Boston, CA

Are You Struggling with Acne or Post-Acne Hyperpigmentation?

Have you found yourself less than satisfied when looking in the mirror lately? The cold, dry days are behind us, but sometimes the summer can bring out the worst in our skin, too. We may be indulging in too many rich foods, spending too much time in the sun, or just not taking care of […]

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Danvers, MA

Don’t Be A Snore

Just about everyone will snore at one point in their lives. Although the symphony of sounds that emerge from you or your loved one may disrupt a few peaceful nights, snoring is not always an issue that requires treatment. In some cases, though, snoring is a sign that someone is having problems breathing at night and […]

Brow Lift And Eyelid Surgery Danvers, MA

Key Differences Between A Brow Lift And Eyelid Surgery

The area above your eyes develops some of the earliest signs of aging. Botox® can help with dynamic wrinkles, such as horizontal lines on the forehead, crow’s feet and vertical lines between the eyes, but not all wrinkles are caused by muscle contractions. A brow lift and eyelid surgery address problems that develop with aging in the upper […]

Liposuction Boston, MA

Liposuction: Is It For Everyone?

Body contouring is a safe and effective way to reduce areas of extra fat, and liposuction is amongst the most popular option for men and women who are frustrated by their workout routines. Today’s liposuction offers patients less downtime and superior results that are more refined than when the technique was first introduced. But liposuction […]

Spider Vein Treatment Boston, MA

What To Expect After Varicose And Spider Vein Treatments

Dr. Petropoulos recommends sclerotherapy and laser treatments for varicose and spider veins. These procedures reduce healing times so that you can return to your normal activities much sooner compared to other techniques. Knowing what to expect after the treatment helps you prepare and understand the healing process. How Will I Feel After Sclerotherapy and Laser Vein […]

Anti-Aging Treatments Danvers, MA

Anti-Aging From The Inside

There are many options for anti-aging that treat conditions externally, such as facelifts, laser resurfacing and injectable fillers. These procedures address lines, wrinkles, age spots, dull complexion and other problems that arise as we get older. The most comprehensive aesthetic plans should also include approaches that fight the signs of aging from the inside. Dr. Petropoulos […]

Light, Lasers and RF Danvers MA

Light, Laser and RF Solutions for Skin Rejuvenation

You are never too young to start caring for your skin and your appearance. With an objective of maintaining beautiful radiant skin, nourishing and protecting your skin every day from a very young age will help to ward off the deterioration in the smoothness, firmness, tone and pigmentation of your skin. This not only means […]