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What is an eyelid lift and who is a candidate?

Do you find that you look tired and aged when you look in the mirror? Are you unhappy with how puffy your eyes are, even though you haven’t been crying and have been getting plenty of sleep? Do you feel as though your eyes make you look aged more than you really are? These are […]

How does laser hair reduction and removal work?

If you were told you could permanently remove unwanted facial or body hair, would you be intrigued? What is you were told that with regular treatments, you’d never have to pick up a razor or wax ever again? Are you interested? Dr. Anna Petropoulos and her professionals at the Center for Classic Beauty are here […]

Learn more about Body FX for fat reduction and cellulite

Patients considering changes to their body may feel as though traditional plastic surgery procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction are their only options—especially if they are unable to achieve results with diet and exercise. Dr. Anna Petropoulos and her team of professionals at the Center for Classic Beauty in Danvers, MA is excited to […]

Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with dermal fillers

Patients of the Danvers, MA area have many offices to choose from when it comes to seeking treatment for aging skin. Plastic surgery used to be the only way to address imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles due to skin laxity. However, with continued advances in the cosmetic industry, patients have a wide selection […]

Enjoy non-surgical treatment of dynamic wrinkles with Botox injections

At the Center for Classic Beauty, our professionals aim to provide patients with the individualized attention and care they deserve while helping them solve any cosmetic concerns they may have. While many different practices are offering anti-aging solutions for patients including Botox injections, these treatments should only be administered by professional doctors who have experience […]


Danvers, MA area women often feel uneasy talking to their primary care physician or gynecologist about their reproductive and sexual health. Women who are struggling with issues such as loose vaginal skin or urinary incontinence often feel embarrassed about talking to another individual about their concerns. Consultation visits with Dr. Anna Petropoulos of the Center […]

Skin retexturizing services available with Dr. Anna Petropoulos

For men and women of the Danver, MA area, looking youthful and having beautiful skin is important. This is why Dr. Anna Petropoulos of the Center for Classic Beauty encourages patients to learn more about the benefits of skin retexturing treatments. Dull, tired skin can be restored to a healthy, youthful appearance with resurfacing procedures […]


Happy Hour with Dr. Sarah De La Torre, OB-GYN

“While we’re all physically apart, we’re craving knowledge and community more than ever. During times like this, it is critical to prioritize self-care. As an Ob-Gyn, I see women every day wondering how to best care for the beautiful (and sometimes mysterious) parts of our bodies.” -Dr. Sarah DeLa Torre, OB-GYN In this video, Dr. Sarah […]

Facial resurfacing | Boston facial plastic surgery

Consider skin resurfacing solutions with Dr. Anna Petropoulos

The facial skin is exposed to all the elements, while also being one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Facial skin is also the first to show the signs of aging and can be impacted by various conditions. For patients who want to enjoy better facial texture and tone, skin resurfacing solutions should […]