C.B., Picone

I am a 55 year old woman who, just one week ago, had a face lift. I am inspired by post-surgery feelings of gratitude & an overwhelming sense of awe at what Dr. Anna Petropoulos, a gifted surgeon, has done for me!

Before this transformation, I found myself increasingly dissatisfied with the appearance of the skin on my face. I could no longer ignore the negative effects of time. If only exercise & great nutrition could keep the skin firm – I’d be all set! But, I needed more.

At this point I began to search for the right doctor to help me achieve what I had in mind. The ‘who’ part being key.

Dr. Petropoulos approaches the face as a gifted artist would a canvas. Whether it be botox, one of the popular fillers or surgery. Her gentle & conservative approach made me feel confident from the very beginning that I was in skilled hands. Her communication skills & caring attitude or “bed side” manor was the first thing to touch me. There is a graciousness & a wholesome honesty that she possesses, all contained in this beautiful, yet humble person.

Dr. Petropoulos takes her time & tries to understand you as a person as well as what you want from her. It became a partnership. I felt enthusiastic & at ease. It took a year for her to agree to surgery, which in her professional opinion, should be the last avenue explored.

After surgery, I expected at best to be improved & satisfied after a month to 6 weeks. What I did not expect was the ease in which the near perfect results were achieved! To my delight, I never developed a single bruise. If not for the well hidden stitches I could have gone out in public in just one week.

My experience with Dr. Anna Petropoulos has been awesome! With great enthusiasm, I feel proud to recommend her. In my opinion, Dr. Petropoulos is a true talent & a total class act!

~ C.B. / Picone