G.M., Chesire, CT

Hi Dr. Petropoulos,

I wanted to send you an email thanking you – thanking you for being one of the best plastic surgeons I have ever encountered. When I first came to you regarding my nose and how unhappy I was with my image, you were so kind and helpful. Even though I was very nervous to begin with, you made my whole rhinoplasty experience such a pleasure. I admire your talented perfectionist mind set, as well as your meticulous work. What I really admire about you is your patience and time you spend with your patients and how you get to know them. I felt very close to you and I really appreciate that – it is such a great quality for a surgeon to have. The day of my rhinoplasty I was very nervous. I finally relaxed when you came in and talked to me before surgery and after. I also appreciated how you called to see how I was a couple hours post surgery.

You are one of the most talented and skillful doctors in the Boston area. In my day to day life, image means a lot to me, especially when I have face time with clients. You have made me feel extremely confident about myself after surgery. I was very impressed when I was in recovery and had only slight bruising and swelling, leading me to believe that you are also a very gentile and meticulous plastic surgeon.

I wanted to thank you for such an amazing and positive experience. Everyone I have seen post op has said very positive words and asked me for your number! I honestly cannot express how much I admire your talent as a plastic surgeon.

Thank you for a wonderful experience.


~ G.M., Chesire, CT