As a healthcare professional with over forty years of experience, I have learned to recognize dedication and proficiency in physicians both as a colleague and as a patient.

My experience with Dr. Anna Petropoulos can certainly be considered “life-improving”.

Due to the economic environment, the health care company that had employed me for several years implemented mass layoffs. Consequently, at age sixty-one, I found myself out of work but certainly not ready for retirement. If I looked my age, I have no doubt that my search for a new job would have been much more difficult. However, thanks to Dr. Petropoulos, I look at least ten years younger! Her recommendations for treatment were exactly right for me.

I originally visited to talk about my problem with drooping eyelids. Together, we decided that upper and lower blepharoplasty would be appropriate for me. She performed the surgery, which was amazingly painless both during and after the procedure, and the results were amazing.

In the following months, I received a little BOTOX, some injectable fillers, and Fraxel, Thermage, and Endymed treatments to improve the tone and texture of my skin… again with little or no pain. What a difference — I look much younger and have more confidence in my appearance!

Not long after my eyelid surgery, I was offered and accepted a position as a Clinical Trial Specialist for a well-known company. This involves interacting with many clients and my appearance is very important. I have to convey a sense of energy and enthusiasm, and now I can.

Now, I visit the office occasionally. Dr. Petropoulos knows what needs to be touched up and does not encourage unnecessary treatments or surgery.

I have seen other plastic surgeons in the past and they absolutely cannot compare to Dr. Petropoulos. I am more than happy with the treatments, the way they are administered, and the care she provides. She treats me as an individual and addresses each concern thoroughly and thoughtfully.

I highly recommend Dr. Anna Petropoulos and The New England Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center to anyone considering facial plastic surgery or non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

~ Marie K.