S.A., Chelmsford, MA

Being very conscientous when it comes to my health and well-being, I found myself wondering in 2006 how I might benefit from products such as Botox and Restylane. While I take very good care of myself, there are certain things about aging I cannot effect through good nutrition, regular exercise and sleep. To help combat the effects of aging, I began to see Dr. Petropoulos for facial treatments such as botox, juvederm and like injectables. In 2008, even though I was highly satisfied with both the care and time Dr. Petropoulos provided to me as well as the results, I found myself no longer working in the North Shore area and needed to find a closer location for my treaements. Given the approximate two hour round trip commute from my home to Dr. Petropoulos’ offices in Danvers, I felt it prudent to find a local physician to provide me with the same services. After some research, I chose a physician closer to my home and went through the fee-based consultation process to continue receiving periodic botox treatments. While I had some trepidation over changing physicians, I reassured myself that any board certified plastic surgeon should be able to deliver the botox treatment and produce the same results I have come to expect with Dr. Petropoulos. Well, I was so wrong. And, even though I counseled the physician before hand as to the locations on my face where Dr. Petropoulos normally injected me, the physician assured me that the right muscles were being treated in the right amounts for the desired outcome. Unfortunately, the results I derived were not satisfactory, nor equal to the results I was used to receiving with Dr. Petropoulos. In fact, I was left with a different facial expression until the botox wore off several months later. Needless to say I am back with Dr. Petropoulos and very happy to take the time to commute to her offices in order to benefit from the desired results to which I have grown accustomed. I find that Dr. Petropoulos understands the symmetrical configuration of the aesthetically classic face and with an adept eye, knows how to best achieve the desired results using well researched and time-proven products and procedures. I cannot recommend her highly enough and do so on a regular basis to both friends and family members who comment on how good I look. I wear my face everyday and feel it is well worth the investment to look as young as I feel…not to mention the career benefits of looking fresher and more youthful.

~ S.P. / Chelmsford, MA