Unfortunately, unwanted fat affects most of us at some point in our lives. Sometimes even the most stringent diet and exercise practices can’t touch those unwanted bulges. It can be frustrating when it seems like a healthy lifestyle just isn’t paying off. Board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Anna Petropoulos, offers Vanquish™

what is vanquish™?

Vanquish™ is a non-surgical option for long-term fat reduction at the Center for Classic Beauty. This liposuction alternative has helped Boston, MA patients get impressive results — without surgery.

Vanquish Boston | Fat Reduction Danvers MA

Vanquish™ Treatment Areas

This amazing alternative to liposuction is designed to reduce unwanted fat in various areas of the body.

These areas include:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Arms

Vanquish™ is also used to trim inches around the waistline and diminish the appearance of love handles, “muffin tops,” and other complaints.

Candidates For Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Vanquish Boston | Fat Reduction Danvers MA

The Vanquish™ procedure is most effective on both men and women who are at or near their target weights in the Boston area and would prefer a liposuction alternative. Even for people who are significantly overweight, it will reduce girth by several inches. More treatments might be necessary for them to accomplish desired results if they are overly obese. They might need a non-invasive skin tightening procedure afterward with ThermiRF™, as well, although that does not happen frequently.

During a consultation, Dr. Petropoulos evaluates each patient to determine whether he or she is a good candidate for Vanquish™ fat removal. BodyFX™ is another non–surgical, radiofrequency treatment option that reduces fat, firms the skin, and improves the appearance of cellulite. For patients who wish to reduce fat in other areas of the body, she may recommend a more comprehensive procedure, such as SmartLipo® or ThermiRF.

How Does This Liposuction Alternative Work?

Vanquish™ uses its proprietary Selective RF™ system to deliver powerful energy selectively and directly to fat cells without affecting surrounding tissues. The Vanquish™ system does not need to make direct contact with the body. Instead, with the patient comfortably reclined, the device is positioned over the patient’s abdomen and a selective multipolar radio frequency field locks its impedance with that of fat cells, causing lipolysis and apoptosis — fat cell death. BSince its impedance is locked with fat, it avoids muscle and skin. As the unwanted fat cells die, the body naturally eliminates them, and they will never recur in that location.

How Many Vanquish™ Fat Reduction Treatments Will I Need?

top plastic surgeon boston | Dr. Anna Petropoulos

Vanquish™ is most effective when performed as a series of 4 to 6 treatments, at the cadence of 2 treatments per week. Patients need to be well hydrated so that the fat will absorb the energy most efficiently.

the Vanquish™ procedure

At our Boston-area plastic surgery and skincare center, Vanquish™ is a comfortable, relaxing experience for you. All you have to do is lie back and relax and enjoy the sensation of warmth over your tummy as the Vanquish™ does its work.

Each session lasts about an hour. Not only can it be seen as a mommy makeover for the tummy, but also for the spirit, as well! Most ladies drop off their kids at school and then come in to the haven for a well-deserved rest, while getting pampered and simultaneously having their fat “melted!”

During this time, some patients read, browse the Internet, or just relax or meditate while semi-reclined. Patients find this much more comfortable than other non-invasive fat eliminating treatments such as CoolSculpting®. Patients are free to return to their normal routines immediately after a treatment. Some people may report mild warmth or temporary pinkness around the treated area, lasting only a few hours and not impinging on other activities.

Results of Non-Invasive Fat Removal

Many patients report visible results sometimes even as soon as a couple of days after the first treatment. More significant results develop in the weeks following the final treatment. Fat removal is a gradual process, and results may continue to develop over the course of several weeks.

Photo Gallery
Vanquish™ Before & After Treatments

maintaining Your Vanquish™ results

Although a diet or exercise adjustment isn’t required to fully benefit from non-invasive fat removal, many patients find that they’re more motivated to live healthier lifestyles during and following the procedure. By maintaining a steady weight, a patient who has undergone Vanquish can enjoy his or her results indefinitely.

Cost of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

The cost of Vanquish™ can vary from patient to patient, depending on the amount of treatments necessary. Its cost is comparable to that of other non-surgical fat reduction procedures such as ThermiRF but significantly less than Smartlipo®. Dr. Petropoulos will thoroughly assess your treatment area during your consultation and provide you with a customized, written quotation during your time together.

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